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What a Weekend!

What a Weekend!

Winter Conference Day 2 Picture of Outdoor activities

Saturday afternoon, I watched our students race around the courtyard completing team games and challenges. They were cheering and encouraging one another — working together with confidence and a lot of laughter.

It was the perfect picture of so many things we love at Hands Offering Hope: students stepping into leadership roles, young people full of joy and boldness, bravery to try new things, and a large dose of fun through it all.

It was one small moment over the course of an incredible weekend. And the only word I have is WOW. 

This weekend, over 400 students, leaders, teachers, and staff came together to learn and grow together. It was a celebration of the last five years — but it also felt like the beginning of a bold new season.

We can’t wait to share big, exciting plans about what’s ahead for our Hands Offering Hope community. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us!


What a Weekend!

Update from Day One!

As we prepare for the start of our second day of Winter Conference, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Here in Kantunilkín, these incredible students have created something spectacular. Yesterday included a lineup of speakers from all around Mexico and the U.S., our first two breakout sessions, and an impromptu English class! The room is full of energy and enthusiasm, and our team of student leaders is handling every detail – from programming to registration; transportation to food.

Winter Conference Day 1

Meanwhile, just down the street, 150 teachers from local elementary, middle, and high schools have gathered to learn how to better instruct and lead their students. We have completely filled the room with these community leaders who believe in the next generation and are spending their school vacation doing professional development with our team.

We are heading into another jam-packed day and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Make sure you’re following along on Facebook and Instagram to see all the fun!

What a Weekend!

Delivering Joy to Children

Our incredible students delivered toys to the children in their communities yesterday for Día de Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day/Epiphany)!

In Mexico, many children receive gifts on Día de Reyes Magos instead of Christmas — and we LOVE seeing our students make this day so special for the children in their neighborhoods.

These young people are AMAZING! They inspire us to love, lead, and celebrate every day.