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Alondra is choosing her own future

Alondra is choosing her own future

In Alondra’s community of Kantunilkin, resources are extremely limited. Without money to go to college in other parts of Mexico or the vision to dream up a unique path for the future, people remain stuck. 

As Alondra describes it, “You just stay here. You get a job that will let you survive. Or if you’re a woman, you become a homemaker and take care of your family.”

“That’s totally a stereotype of women,” she adds, “because in reality, I know and believe that women have more potential. So I’m looking for a way that I can move forward and get past some of these challenges.” 

Today, on International Women’s Day, we can help clear the way for girls like Alondra. We can help her navigate the Road Less Traveled. 

I can think of no better time to support girls like her than today. Celebrate International Women’s Day by supporting women and girls in Mexico. 

With your support, Alondra is choosing her own future. And she has never been one to dream small. 

“My goal is to be an OBGYN. Girls my age are getting pregnant. They aren’t finishing school. I want them to know that regardless of whether they are having sex or not, they need advice and guidance. They need to know how to use contraceptives, avoid pregnancy, and take care of themselves,” she shared.

“This could change everything for young people — especially people who live in poverty or don’t have resources. They can finish school instead of having kids right away. They can move forward with dignity.” 

Alondra knows what her goal is going to take: First, she has to finish high school. Then it’s on to medical school, and finally a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology. The path she has chosen requires sacrifices — trade-offs that she is already learning to make. 

“Some girls I know like to go out and party. And that might be fun for awhile, but once the parties are over, they won’t have made any progress toward anything. When my friends invite me to a crazy party or something, I say, ‘No, no I can’t’ or ‘I don’t want to.’ This has caused me to lose some friends — but it’s a choice I’ve made. I’d rather spend time with a few friends or with my family.” 

As Alondra pursues her vision with bravery and boldness, she is surrounded by the Hands Offering Hope community. 

“Because of Hands Offering Hope, I have another family who supports me,” she said. “They aren’t going to let me fall. They believe in me.”

We get to be a part of this family. We get to join girls like Alondra on the Road Less Traveled. 

Give now to open doors for remarkable young women in Mexico.