I hope their words inspire you as much as they do me

One of my favorite parts of this past summer was working alongside our incredible staff. For the first time, 90% of our team were local—Institute alums, Mexican college students, and friends from Chiquila and Kantunilkín.

So today, I wanted to share what makes the Institute special to them. We asked them what they love about the Institute and what motivates them to serve with us all summer.

I hope their words inspire you as much as they do me—and I hope you’ll join this awesome team by supporting Hands Offering Hope!

  • “I love to cook and love to serve.” – Gener
  • “I love to see the light in others eyes when they are doing what they love.” – Angeles
  • “I am here to see the change in our students – the moment they realize they can make a difference!” – Sabrina
  • “I feel like I’m at home here. I love being here.” – Natanael
  • “I love being here with everyone because I feel like I’m with family. I love this team and love being able to help.” – Angie

These leaders—and many more like them—make the Institute what it is. I am so grateful for each of them and the love they bring to our students.

Why I love the institute

Hear from our Institute Co-Director, Sabrina, about why she loves the Institute. And support this summer’s program now at handsofferinghope.org/ignite!

English translation:

I was part of the Institute three years ago. Now I am the Director of the Institute. It’s an honor to be a part of this. The change that I have had in my life since being a part of the Institute is that I have discovered that I can achieve many things. In the same way, I know that young people like me can achieve—can get out of their comfort zones—and can achieve immense things. It’s only a question of wanting to do it.