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Stories from Week 1 –  Hear from our leadership team in Mexico!

Stories from Week 1 – Hear from our leadership team in Mexico!

We are officially in the swing of the Institute and so excited to share updates from Mexico with you!

Here are a few highlights from a successful first week: 

  • Former Fellows are serving as local coordinators, leading groups of first-year students in their communities. This new “leaders leading leaders” model has been a dream of ours for years, and it’s amazing to see it come to life. 
  • In addition to activities led by these coordinators, students also watch online classes every day. Our global network of instructors recorded hundreds of hours of videos so that our students could learn from their expertise in spite of travel restrictions. 
  • This year’s Michael Lotito Fellows are at Casa Hope, and in the first week, they explored their personal strengths. These assets will serve as a foundation as they develop their projects and goals over the coming weeks. 
  • Speaking of Casa Hope, have you seen our kitchen?! This incredible space is home to our pilot culinary program, where six young leaders are learning to cook at the highest level. We are so excited to have many former Institute students in this program. 
  • We also have a team working with 60 families for Institute Junior — and it’s going so well! Since we can’t gather in person for this program, we delivered supplies and instructional videos to parents so that they can lead activities for their kids at home

Get even more news from Casa Hope by watching the recording of our Community Call last week. Karmina, our Director of Hands Offering Hope Mexico, shared so many exciting updates about what has been happening!

Thank you for investing in these programs and believing in young leaders in Mexico. We are grateful for your partnership and support — and so honored to be able to share what your generosity makes possible. 



Announcing the Casa Hope Kitchen!

Announcing the Casa Hope Kitchen!

We have BIG news.

We have a brand new Casa Hope Kitchen!

From the beginning, our kitchen has been full of joy — constant singing and laughter — even when it looked more like a closet than a cooking space. It delivered incredible meals, even when our team was cooking from hot plates under the stairs.

And every morning, as the team called out, “Chicos, vamos a comer!” (students, let’s eat!) the kitchen became our gathering place. Like in many crowded, bustling homes, the kitchen has always been the heart — providing nourishment, community, and a touchstone three times a day.

When we started renovating Casa Hope, we already knew just how much the kitchen mattered.

But then our dreams started to grow. In addition to a clean, functional, joy-filled cooking space, what if the kitchen could also be a place of possibility, education, and development for our students?

We had a vision of a professional culinary institute and hospitality program that would equip students with the hands-on skills they needed to pursue their dream careers.

And then we got to work to make it happen.

The incredible design team at RDstudio, Inc. and a team of restaurant experts graciously donated their expertise to the project, drawing up plans for a professional-grade kitchen and leading us through the construction and design process.

We tore down walls, created more space, painted, and tiled.

We ordered best-in-class appliances, surfaces, and sinks.

We focused on commercial-level health and safety so the space can be used to serve the whole community — and be a jumping-off point for future professional endeavors.

And now it’s here. Ready to be filled with food and learning and incredible young people.

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project and made this vision a reality. This kitchen represents so much opportunity for our students, and in so many ways, it is still our beating heart.

In a few short weeks, members of our kitchen team will be in here singing, cooking for this year’s Fellows, and going through a pilot version of the culinary program set to officially launch in early 2021. This is only the beginning – and we cannot wait for all that comes next.




Meet the 2020 Institute class!

Meet the 2020 Institute class!

The Institute begins in just a few short weeks — and as we speak, our team in Mexico is hard at work getting everything ready! 

While we initially planned for a fully remote summer, current health guidelines in Mexico will allow our 14 Michael Lotito Fellows to live at Casa Hope this summer and participate in person! 

And to make this great news even more incredible, an amazing friend has funded the Fellows’ on-campus expenses in full. We are overwhelmed with the generosity of this community and so grateful for the ways that each of you continue to support students in Mexico. 

First-year students will participate in the program from each of their own communities, led by teams of Institute graduates. With virtual courses supplied by our network of experts around the world and in-person mentoring relationships with young leaders who have already gone through the program, this year’s Institute is going to be something extremely special. 

We can’t wait to welcome 25 incredible young leaders into the program this summer — and we want you to meet them!

Meet some more of these amazing students:

Make sure you are following along on Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks to meet all of our students! 

Institute 2020 begins on July 27 — and we’re counting down to a big, bold summer. 



June 2020 Update: Equipping students to live boldly and with purpose

June 2020 Update: Equipping students to live boldly and with purpose

We are so excited to begin our countdown to Institute 2020! 

On July 27, we will kick off the summer program with 25 first-year students from Chiquila, San Angel, Solferino, and Kantunilkin and 14 Michael Lotito Fellows! And while things certainly look different this year due to the pandemic, we are so excited for the opportunities that have emerged. 

First-year students

  • Since our global team of staff and volunteers are unable to travel to Mexico this summer, 30 instructors from around the world have spent the last few months recording 135 video lessons covering all of our Institute topics. We have virtual sessions on everything from health and wellness to self discovery to art to communication to entrepreneurship. And of course, we have a full lineup of English classes, too! 
  • Our first-year students will each receive a tablet loaded with these videos and a comprehensive daily schedule for how to move through the coursework. 
  • In each of the communities we serve, Institute graduates will serve as leaders, mentoring first-year students as they participate this summer. 

Institute Junior 

  • In Chiquila, we have 60 elementary school children registered for Institute Junior. They will receive special activity packs and tons of ideas for fun ways to play, learn, and create this summer. 

Michael Lotito Fellows

  • Our Michael Lotito Fellows have the opportunity to live on-campus at the newly completed Casa Hope. Our team in Mexico has been working tirelessly to get this space ready to welcome them in a few short weeks (including a <brand new, professional-grade kitchen!>). 
  • In addition to video lessons, students will also learn from former Fellows who are now part of the Hands Offering Hope Mexico staff. This has always been the dream — and it is so exciting to watch it unfold! 

Meet the training team! As we prepare to welcome students to the Institute this summer (both virtually and in small groups), this group is thinking carefully about how to keep everyone safe and engaged in our community. They are awesome and we are so grateful for them!


For five years, we have been equipping students to live boldly and with purpose — creating opportunities for them to step into positions of leadership in both the organization and their communities. We never could have expected a pandemic, but we have been preparing for Institute graduates to be at the helm since the beginning. 

Now, this summer, 80% of our Institute graduates are involved in our summer programs as leaders or volunteers.

Because of your support of past years of the Institute, this summer is being led by remarkable young people. You invested in them, and now they are investing in their peers and neighbors. Thank you for being a part of our story.