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Challenging Expectations

We’re honoring remarkable women who have challenged expectations and carved their own paths to pursue their dreams.
Watch their powerful, inspiring stories.

Celebrate bold, courageous women with us this week by opening doors for incredible girls in Mexico. Help them overcome obstacles, challenge the status quo, and achieve their goals by making a gift today!

You have what it takes to pursue your dreams

Ashley ShahAhmadi’s big dreams, bold spirit, and hard work have carried her all the way to a dream job as a reporter for the Charlotte Hornets and the CMT Hot 20 Countdown. Her story inspires us and reminds us that girls can do big things—even when so many voices say it’s impossible.


Amelia knows women can do anything

Amelia knows that women can do and be anything—they can choose their own path. But doing so requires courage, tenacity, and support.


Get out of your comfort zone

Eimi Lynn overcame incredible obstacles to pursue her goals and become a successful entrepreneur. Her story reminds all of us that we can do big, bold things—even when circumstances are stacked against us. Just like students in Mexico, Eimi built a support network around her the encouraged her, motivated her, and helped her move toward her dreams.


Genesis is building a strong foundation

Meet future architect Genesis who has big dreams of growing and developing her community in a way that benefits her neighbors. We are inspired by her big, bold dreams—and honored to walk alongside her as she works toward them!


Make your own decisions

Monica Alba is a brilliant biologist and environmental education who knows just how important a support network is when you a pursuing your goals.
She has also become a valuable mentor for students in Mexico – reminding young women that they can do and be anything they dream.


Davicela won’t limit herself

Davicela is in college studying marketing and publicity—and she has a message for other girls in her community: “Don’t limit yourself…keep looking for ways that you can achieve your dreams.”


Aylin is exploring different paths

For many girls in Mexico, there is only one path. As Aylin explains, her community is traditional and most young women become homemakers. But Aylin has other plans.
She is exploring all of her interests, including music, travel, fashion design, and medicine!


Brit wants you to think big

Brit has big dreams for her future and her neighborhood—including starting small businesses to create jobs in her community and using sports to connect with young people.

Her story and her bold vision for the future inspire us. We can’t wait to see this remarkable young woman lead her community!


Alejandra is showing up for her community

Alejandra has big dreams of serving her community and making life better for her neighbors. Her first step? Going to college to study architecture!


The drive to be a world-changer

Meet Cicily Shaw, an entrepreneurial thinker, college counselor, and consultant who has spent her career helping students access and prepare for higher education.


Naomi is painting the future

Naomi dreams of being a well-known artist and encourages other girls in her community to pursue their dreams. She is bold, bright, and full of potential—and we are so inspired by her!


Perla is building her own path

Perla is a powerful leader. She is focused and enthusiastic, and she motivates everyone around her. We are always eager to follow her lead! She is also an incredibly talented artist who dreams of becoming an architect.