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Winter Conference - Evolution 21

Hands Offering Hope Winter Conference
January 21-24, 2021

Join talented young leaders and experts from around Mexico for a weekend of art, education, health, entrepreneurship, leadership training and more.

Two years ago, student leaders in Mexico decided they were ready for more. They wanted to build on what they were learning at the Institute each summer. They wanted to create a best-in-class leadership experience for themselves and their classmates. They wanted to challenge themselves, create something from the ground up, and invite experts from all around Mexico to speak to their communities.

The Winter Conference was born.

This weekend-long event has been entirely student-led since the beginning. It’s their vision, their heart, their effort, and their passion — and an incredible opportunity for even more young people to grow their skills, confidence, vision, creativity, and self-expression.

This year’s event features exceptional speakers from all over Mexico, including marketing experts, entrepreneurs, photographers, psychologists, coaches, musicians, artists, and more.


Street Marketing

Joel Fernandez


Victor Arceo, photographer


Emilio de la Peña, entrepreneur and director of Feel Mexico

Self Discovery

Estefania Alamilla, psychologist

Team Building

Alejandro Herrera, consultant, certified coach, and founder of Proaction


Martin Alamilla and Carlos SD


Jorge Mafud, singer-songwriter


Regina Aranda, ballerina


Self Discovery with Alejandro Herrera

Health with Fernando Estrada

Business with Joel Fernandez

Art with Regina Aranda and Mafud


This incredible weekend is planned and hosted by Institute alumni and student leaders.

Help them make the event come to life now!

Your gift of $120 covers a student’s attendance at this year’s Winter Conference.