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You changed Abner’s life

A month ago, Abner showed up to his first-ever Hands Offering Hope event. His friend Ana—an Institute alum and leadership club leader in San Angel—invited him to attend the Winter Conference, and Abner said yes.

This event that you funded and our student leaders made possible shifted Abner’s perspective. It introduced him to what is possible. And it just might change his life. 

Reflecting on his first day at the Winter Conference, Abner shared, “Yesterday, I learned something new—I learned what it means to be a leader. Now I want to learn more. I want to do more activities. I want to be a part of more of the Institute.” 



Abner is a reminder that we are just getting started. Our incredible alums are spearheading programs and charting a new course forward—and these new initiatives are reaching more young people like Abner than ever.

We get the awesome job of ensuring that the momentum doesn’t stop. Through your generosity, we get to empower future heroes like Abner to continue to learn, build their confidence, and pursue their dreams. 

Will you support a student like Abner today?

He is already casting a big vision for his future—he wants to become a pilot, and one day, he hopes to visit Argentina!—and we can help make it happen.

For the great things ahead,