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Culinary & Hospitality Institute

Equipping young leaders in Mexico for careers in hospitality and the culinary arts.

In Lázaro Cárdenas, where tourism accounts for 90% of the economy, hotel and restaurant jobs are extremely popular.

But most young people are hired into entry-level dishwashing and housekeeping roles that barely pay enough to cover their basic needs. The best positions require specialized training like attending a culinary school. But for the students we serve, this would mean moving to a city and paying an average of $12,000 for tuition, plus room and board for at least a year.

For young people with extremely limited economic resources, these programs are completely out of reach.

Hands Offering Hope has created opportunities for young leaders to learn, grow, and pursue their goals for years. Through our flagship programs and partnerships with other local institutions, we connect students with global experts and equip them with the skills and confidence they need to be bold, creative community leaders.

Now, we are excited to prepare students for the culinary and hospitality industries—careers that are close to home, but are all too often out of reach.

The Hands Offering Hope Culinary and Hospitality Institute prepares leaders for successful careers in the local tourism industry.

The Hands Offering Hope Culinary and Hospitality Institute is an accredited, two-year program that trains young people in the culinary arts. Through professional training, strategic partnerships, relationships with global experts and world-class chefs, and extensive hands-on experience, the Culinary and Hospitality Institute serves as a valuable resource for young leaders in Mexico who are ready to pursue careers at leading restaurants, resorts, and hotels.

The Culinary and Hospitality Institute makes best-in-class culinary training available, affordable, and accessible to young people in the communities Hands Offering Hope serves. The training equips young leaders with marketable skills, opens doors to incredible career opportunities, and helps students pursue their dreams.

The program includes:

  • Lectures from world-class chefs and hospitality experts
  • Lab sessions for hands-on experience and skill building
  • Weekly kitchen challenges to get students out of their comfort zones
  • Mentors and coaches to guide students through the two-year program
  • Exposure to professional-grade equipment and techniques
  • Business management training
  • Health and safety training
  • Internships at local hotels and restaurants
  • And so much more!