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Who We Are

Five chefs posing for a photo.

We believe in the incredible potential of young people.

Hands Offering Hope was born out of a fierce belief that all young people are full of potential and deserve the opportunity to thrive.

We are a community of chefs, culinary experts, entrepreneurs, teachers, and other change-makers from across Mexico and around the world. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers keeping the youth of Quintana Roo trapped in poverty through the life-changing power of education.

Our Mission

To educate and empower young people to achieve their goals through a world class culinary program, competitive internships and mentorship with renowned, global culinary and hospitality leaders.

Two students chefs work with a visiting chef.
Two students chefs work with a visiting chef.

Our Vision

All youth and children have inherent value and deserve the opportunity to thrive in a way that changes their world for the better forever. We will make this a reality.

Hands Offering Hope is powered by leaders and changemakers. Join our community.


Amy Dominguez

President, Executive Director
Hands Offering Hope

Andy Ellwood

Chair, COO- OCN.ai,
Principal Coach at CruxPoint

Gonzalo Celorio Morayta

Vice Chair, CEO
CM Idiomas

Kim Cordes

Treasurer, Tax Director

Thomas Hendrican

Secretary, Retired Finance
& Project Manager

Jennifer Lotito

Director, President & COO

Katherine DiLeo

Director, Manager Assistant Office
of the President, Global Services
Group (American Express)

Claire Tondreau

Director, Executive Coach & Facilitator
HotSpring Leadership

Scott Lawton

Director, CEO

Andre Moraes

Director, Head of PepsiCo’s
Digital Lab & Senior Director
of Marketing- PepsiCo

Erisa Hines Stilley

Director, Launch and Cruise
Phase Lead for Europa Clipper

Corbett Ramsey

Director, Head of North America
Fixed Income Prime Brokerage
Financial Executive

Andrea Rupp

Director, Human Resources

Culinary Advisory Board

Scott Lawton

Co-Chair, CEO

Jason Sobocinski

Culinary Entrepreneur

Mark Erickson

Provost, The Culinary
Institute of America

Craig Hutchinson

Chef Owner

Adam Halberg


Andy Pforzheimer

Culinary Entrepreneur

Rocco DiLeo


Gabe Erales

Executive Chef