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Choose to Challenge Expectations

Girls in Mexico have big dreams – but all too often they are trapped by their circumstances, economic limitations, and cultural and familial norms.

Celebrate young women who are Choosing to Challenge the status quo, setting bold goals, and charting their own course for the future. Make a gift to support these incredible girls now — and join us on March 7 for our International Women’s Day celebration. 

Young people are full of potential. They are creative, bold, and talented. When they are given opportunities to learn and grow, they can change the world around them. But too often, they are trapped by their circumstances, limited by poverty, and stuck in the status quo.

Hands Offering Hope believes in the potential of young people and exists to help them thrive.

What We Do

Through our flagship programs, including the Institute, Michael Lotito Fellowship, Leadership Clubs, and partnerships with community leaders, we help young people realize their potential and pursue big dreams.

Who We Are

Young leaders are also at the helm of Hands Offering Hope programs. Our key initiatives are led by Institute alumni who are investing in the next generation of students in their communities. 

Where We Work

We are anchored in a region of Mexico called Lázaro Cárdenas in the state of Quintana Roo, where poverty and social expectations limit students’ options.

Each summer, we welcome talented young leaders to the Institute—a four-week intensive program where students learn, grow, and dream together.


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