What We Do

92% of Latin American children begin primary school, but only 35% of Mexicans graduate from secondary school (the U.S. equivalent of middle/high school). We are here to change that. Here’s how:

The Institute

the institute

Institute First Year

The First Year of the Institute serves up to 20 students ages 15-20 recruited from high schools. Each student demonstrates a level of excellence in an academic, social or leadership capacity and has been vetted by administrators and our leadership team.  These students represent the future of their town, community and world.

The First Year in the Institute opens the eyes of students to their innate value, unique personality, and leadership potential so that they may begin to impact and engage with their communities and the world around them in a positive and uplifting way.

the institute

Michael Lotito Fellowship

The Michael Lotito Fellowship, or the second level of our Youth Leadership Institute, exists for first-level graduates who have demonstrated strong application of the leadership, communication and service principles they learned in the year prior. The eight students accepted into this program follow a curriculum designed by marketing industry leader, Michael Lotito.

Institute Jr.

institute Jr.

In 2018, we officially launched our program for children ages 6-12. Our objective is to teach English through interactive and experiential learning with a focus in art, music and sport. The curriculum is structured to align with the US National Core Arts Standards and has been reviewed and approved by both local and international university professors.

Youth Leadership Clubs


In 2016, Hands Offering Hope launched an effort to both maintain the community created through the Institute and recruit motivated students throughout the school year. We partnered with local schools and started a leadership club available to students in their second to fourth year of high school. This effort is 100% Institute graduate led. In the final days of the Institute, students elect their club leaders for their individual high schools and develop a plan for the year. Through a simple, activity-based curriculum, the students discuss leadership topics like teamwork, conflict resolution, integrity, authenticity and relationships.

Education, Medical, & Social Training


As a part of our theory of change, Hands Offering Hope recognizes that the students we work with engage in a variety of areas throughout their life. We have identified home, school, health, and social circles that most influence and impact their ability to thrive. Throughout the year, we provide expert-led training in those four areas.

Women's Collective


Over the past years of operating the Leadership Institute, our team has observed a distinct need for increased support for our female students. Young women in Mexico are at a significant disadvantage to their male peers. Due to cultural pressure, women often start university or studies and then stop due to finances, early pregnancy or marriage, or lack of belief that they are able to achieve the goals. Our objective through the Women’s Collective is to ensure that every female student who graduates from the Institute receives the support needed to pursue their next steps toward independence and success, as she defines it.

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