Mission, Vision, & Values

Very simply, the Hands Offering Hope Youth Leadership Institute exists to open doors for driven, excellent young people hidden by poverty through a global network of experts.


We work to see children and youth around the world thrive by offering hope, love and opportunity through a global community of experts. We do this through:


  • Implementing + supporting transformative, holistic programming that unlocks the potential of the individuals and communities we serve
  • World class training, mentorship, professional development, tailored care and career enhancing opportunities
  • Deploying experts and their gifts for excellence and good
  • Committing to intentional partnerships with local leaders
  • Unconditional love


Hands Offering Hope discovers, champions, and unleashes the power and potential of young people hidden by poverty.

Alejandro is one of our first graduates of the Institute. In 2015, he came to us shy, nervous and unsure of his future. Today, Alejandro is soaring with potential. He graduated at the top of his high school class and was chosen to represent his state in a national public speaking competition. He finished our Fellows program and decided to attend Escuela Bancaria y Comercial where he is the top of his class and has been awarded full scholarship to attend. Alejandro was the first recipient of our Radical Advocacy Grant allowing him to come to the US to study English in 2017. He was our first ever Student Director and is poised to transform his community through commerce and trade. We love this young man and his vision, heart and compassion!


2017 Student Director

If you know Angela, you immediately realize how in love she is with animals. Her passion radiates for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Angy joined our Institute family in 2016. We immediately fell in love with her fire for life, creativity and compassion for her peers. This year, as a fellow, Angy mapped out her pathway to attend one of the most prestigious veterinary schools in Mexico. Angy graduated high school at the top of her class – this young lady is smart, driven and ready to change the world. After finishing the Fellows program, Angy has been volunteering at the local animal shelter and even rescued a puppy from Chiquila. We are so proud of her!


2017 Fellow


Watch out world! Erminio is going to be the next great chef of Mexico. His passion for food and cooking lights up a room. We met Erminio in 2016 when he interviewed to join the incoming class. You could immediately tell this young man was full of curiosity and life. The first year program gave him the chance to speak his dreams into being. He wants to travel the world, tasting food and developing his own dishes to enrich the food culture in his community. Erminio graduated from the Fellows class this year and won 3rd place in the public speaking competition. We are confident that years from now, we’ll be able to invite you to his famous restaurant!


2017 Fellow

Alondra is choosing her own future

In Alondra’s community of Kantunilkin, resources are extremely limited. Without money to go to college in other parts of Mexico or the vision to dream up a unique path for the future, people remain stuck.  As Alondra describes it, “You just stay here. You get a job...

Julissa’s story

Julissa talks a million miles a minute — constantly celebrating those around her and overflowing with joy. She’s vibrant and energetic; encouraging and always smiling.  She’s also from a community that is plagued with challenges.  The region in which she lives...

Perla inspires me.

Here are three things you need to know about Perla: She’s a natural leader. During the last week of the Institute, we built a “company” to learn business and marketing skills — and Perla stepped right into the manager role. She had her team working like a well-oiled...