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Mission, Vision, & Values

Hands Offering Hope believes in the incredible potential of young people. Through innovative programs and a global community of support, we help students learn, grow, and pursue their goals.


We work to see children and youth around the world thrive by offering hope, love, and opportunity through a global community of experts.


All youth and children have inherent value and deserve the opportunity to thrive in a way that changes their world for the better forever. We will make this a reality.


  • Boldly and passionately pursue excellence in all areas
  • Honor and champion our youth, communities, and experts
  • Embrace challenges with flexibility and integrity
  • Create and support intentional experiences:
    • We always ask before acting
    • We always act in partnership
    • We always consider the potential of others when shaping our initiatives
  • Celebrate each person and community for who they are and where they want to go
  • Be global citizens who understand how hard it can be to be human and in that knowledge, help to carry the burdens of others with mercy, kindness, and unconditional love