Our Story

We began because worlds collided when a couple students from a high school in Connecticut met the incredible kids of a small fishing village in the south of Mexico called Chiquilá. Over the years, Amy, Brian and Rachel continued to discover a passion for youth and for excellence. They met amazing people, traveled the world and in 2014, their experiences all came together to form this concept: a leadership program that would find the best students, connect them with the best leaders and this would, in turn, open up the best opportunities for both to unlock their potential and change the world. This has become so much more than a summer initiative. Our students are in the top of their class in university, winning scholarships and traveling the world so that they can effect lasting transformation in their communities. In 2018, we are casting vision to expand into Colombia and the United States. We believe this movement of unlocking potential through excellence and radical advocacy will transform the trajectory of our collective future.


Our Guiding Beliefs

  • We believe that all young people deserve hope, love and opportunity.
  • We believe that young people living in poverty deserve the same opportunities as those who have plenty.
  • We believe that all young people need a safe space to discover who they are and be 
equipped with the tools they need to discern who they can trust.
  • We believe that every child has inherent worth and value, regardless of the community they 
are born into, or the zip code they live in.
  • We believe every young person should have the opportunity to bring their personal vision to reality.
  • We believe the world can be a better place when all young people are able to fully participate in it.
  • We believe that a young person with passion and a vision can change our world for the better.