Our Story

Hands Offering Hope is a global organization equipping youth to achieve their goals. Successful business-people, influential world leaders, masterful artists, and revolutionary thinkers all have one thing in common: they all started as kids. They all began as youths who had dreams that could change the world, and the guts to seize the opportunities that they received.

What if those opportunities never came?

What if those dreamers didn’t have access to an education system that set them up for success? What if they didn’t have access to the knowledge and resources that would transform their dreams into reality? What kind of world would we live in if those leaders never got the chance to even imagine that they had something to offer to this world?

This is the situation of thousands of youth around the globe. In many parts of the world, the next generation of leaders is not being equipped to realize their full potential. These youths are bursting with life, imagination, and ideas, but are slowly being crushed by the lack of opportunity and education. They are not being given the tools that they need to succeed in their community or in the world.

This is where you come in.

We believe that no youth should be limited by their circumstances. Hands Offering Hope is a global organization fiercely committed to helping youth achieve their goals through our global network of professionals. Through a strategic curriculum, we are able to target every area of these students lives, and one by one destroy the boundaries that have been keeping these youths from succeeding. By implementing and supporting transformative, holistic programming, we unlock the potential of the individuals and communities that we serve. As these professionals share about what they do, the limits on what these kids are capable of are stripped away. We inspire the students to find what they’re passionate about, and then we equip them with the tools they need to succeed with world class training, mentorship, and professional development.

Beyond just career enhancing opportunities, our professionals are committed to aiding the spaces that our students inhabit. This means that, in partnership with local leaders, we also provide professional training for doctors, educators and provide family support where needed. Our initiatives in these areas help us to support those who are daily involved in our students’ lives.

As we have worked, we have seen transformation after transformation. Students who were once resigned and voiceless, become confident and excited about the future. Students that never dreamed of going to college are at the top of their university class. We have seen the community transform as students who are bound by pain and suffering find freedom, and those living in fear find their courage.

We believe that these incredible students have immeasurable value and that they have the potential to change the world. Do you?

How You Can Help

Come With Us

Join us on one of our trips, short or long term! These kids need you to show them love and support. You can come as one of our professionals to teach them vital skills, or you can come as a mentor to let these youths know that they are important and valued. This work does not happen without our volunteers! Will you say “yes” to serving these kids?


Your donations are how we are able to serve kids with the excellence they deserve. Would you consider investing in the lives of the next generation of leaders?


Stand With Us

Spread the word about what we are doing! Use your platforms – Facebook, Instagram,  Snapchat or even email to tell your friends and family. Connect us to folks you think can make a difference. We are eager to meet them!  And always keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go about the work of empowering these youth!