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Honoring Ellie Erickson



Ellie – my forever sister-friend. Watching you figure out how to care for students through a screen this year has been remarkable. I literally do not know how you do it. Those kids are lucky to have you in their corner — and I am even luckier to have you in mine. Love you!


Submitted by Allison Kooser


Make a Gift

Did you know that not all women and girls are given the same opportunities to pursue their dreams and chart their own courses for the future?

The girls Hands Offering Hope serves in Mexico are often limited by social and familial norms that tell them that the only path they can choose is to leave school, get married, and have babies. Through year-round leadership training, professional development, mentorship, academic support, and encouragement, Hands Offering Hope helps girls chase their dreams and craft their own futures.

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