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Stories from Week 1 – Hear from our leadership team in Mexico!

We are officially in the swing of the Institute and so excited to share updates from Mexico with you!

Here are a few highlights from a successful first week: 

  • Former Fellows are serving as local coordinators, leading groups of first-year students in their communities. This new “leaders leading leaders” model has been a dream of ours for years, and it’s amazing to see it come to life. 
  • In addition to activities led by these coordinators, students also watch online classes every day. Our global network of instructors recorded hundreds of hours of videos so that our students could learn from their expertise in spite of travel restrictions. 
  • This year’s Michael Lotito Fellows are at Casa Hope, and in the first week, they explored their personal strengths. These assets will serve as a foundation as they develop their projects and goals over the coming weeks. 
  • Speaking of Casa Hope, have you seen our kitchen?! This incredible space is home to our pilot culinary program, where six young leaders are learning to cook at the highest level. We are so excited to have many former Institute students in this program. 
  • We also have a team working with 60 families for Institute Junior — and it’s going so well! Since we can’t gather in person for this program, we delivered supplies and instructional videos to parents so that they can lead activities for their kids at home

Get even more news from Casa Hope by watching the recording of our Community Call last week. Karmina, our Director of Hands Offering Hope Mexico, shared so many exciting updates about what has been happening!

Thank you for investing in these programs and believing in young leaders in Mexico. We are grateful for your partnership and support — and so honored to be able to share what your generosity makes possible.