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What a Weekend!

Winter Conference Day 2 Picture of Outdoor activities

Saturday afternoon, I watched our students race around the courtyard completing team games and challenges. They were cheering and encouraging one another — working together with confidence and a lot of laughter.

It was the perfect picture of so many things we love at Hands Offering Hope: students stepping into leadership roles, young people full of joy and boldness, bravery to try new things, and a large dose of fun through it all.

It was one small moment over the course of an incredible weekend. And the only word I have is WOW. 

This weekend, over 400 students, leaders, teachers, and staff came together to learn and grow together. It was a celebration of the last five years — but it also felt like the beginning of a bold new season.

We can’t wait to share big, exciting plans about what’s ahead for our Hands Offering Hope community. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us!