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Getting to know our global community: Kony Pinchi

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Kony Pinchi, and I am a teacher by profession. I currently work as a project assistant for Hands Offering Hope.

Tell us about your past experiences with Hands Offering Hope.
I met Amy a few years ago and that’s how I became involved with the organization. My first year with HOH I was the translator for some of the students. Since that year I have been an English teacher and the music teacher for Institute Jr. I have also done a little bit of everything else with the Institute, from helping in the kitchen to assisting with anything that needed help.

Tell us about someone who invested in your own leadership. Why did their investment in you matter?
I was 15 years old when I met my ESL teacher. I had no idea what role she was going to play in my life but it sure did change my life for the better. My friend Michelle invested in me from day one. She not only helped me with my schoolwork while teaching me English, she also picked me up every Sunday morning to go to church. She took the time to just listen and be there for me in times I needed the most. I learned so much from her. She taught me how to carry myself in tough situations, she also set a great example of how a Christian woman should behave inside and out. She was a constant person in my life. We have now been friends for 20 years. She is a friend who became family to me. If there is a time in my life I feel like giving up, I think of her and her investment in me, and I push forward.

Do you have any encouragement for students?
We are all rooting for each and everyone of you. Near or far. We are here for whatever you need. Don’t think just because you see us through a video that we are not there. Put the same effort and push as if we were there in person.