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The sound of her laugh

When Alondra laughs, you can’t help but laugh along with her.

She is a natural-born leader, a comedian, and an influencer among her peers. She is strong and smart, and she exudes joy.

But like so many of our students, her journey has been complicated and hard.

She, like every one of us, has faced her share of challenges—but the joy remains. The smile remains. Her contagious laugh refuses to be held back by struggle.

One of my favorite things about the Institute is that it creates a space where students like Alondra can experience the freedom to discover who they want to be. They can learn and grow in a safe place where they are encouraged to discover their purpose and pursue their dreams.

It’s a safe place that you help us create.

Your support enables us to give students like Alondra the opportunity to live into their joy. To learn from amazing teachers from around the world. To laugh, and to become strong leaders.

On behalf of Alondra and all of our hilarious, smiling students, thank you!

With gratitude,