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What a weekend! Winter Conference 2021

We’re still beaming over an absolutely incredible weekend at the Hands Offering Hope Winter Conference!

Over the course of four days, 92 students gathered safely at Casa Hope to learn from artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders. They participated in team-building exercises, worked together on creative projects, and even broke into an impromptu conga line! There was a lot of laughter and a lot of learning—and a rockstar team of young leaders made it all happen.


As one of our student leaders shared after this amazing (and exhausting) weekend, “It’s worth all the work to see the payoff—to see the students have this incredible experience.”

And our Mexico Program Director, Obed, added, “Seeing our staff, these young leaders, welcome new students into the Hands Offering Hope family—this is what it’s all about.”



Thank you for being part of the Hands Offering Hope community. Grateful for the many ways you come alongside these remarkable young leaders as they serve their peers.